Shelter from the storm

This spring finally built something to keep the cacti in the sun but out of the rain. Last year every time it rained more than a little had to grab all the cacti and put them under the back porch roof or even in the garage. The reason being that if these cacti get too much water they will get the “black spot” syndrome and will also rot from the roots. Believe me it’s a lot of work to move 200+ cacti every time you hear thunder…

So ordered up a bunch of 6 mil. greenhouse plastic from fleebay. A couple pieces of 2×2 and 2×4 lumber from Home Despot, some cheap metal brackets, plus a couple pieces of wood that have been sitting in the neighbor’s backyard and VOILA! Now I don’t have to panic every time it pours.

Was concerned about the wind because it can really kick up some gusts in the back but so far no problems. 

Now I want to build a real greenhouse.  Maybe next year.

‘Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
Come in, she said
I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

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