Cactus rodeo- movin’ the lil’ doggies to the sunporch

Here in NJ this year first frost is later than ever- November 7th and still hasn’t come. Supposed to hit 22 degrees F in a few days however so yesterday moved almost all the cacti onto front semi-heated sunporch where they will remain in dormancy until the spring.

Notice the glass shelves on brick pillars. Seemed like a good idea at the time as the glass would let the light through but I worry about putting too much weight on them and having them crack. Would be a CACTUS-ASTROPHE if you know what I mean.

The big Bridgessii probably grew a foot this year and is now taller than me at about 6’8″ with the pot included. Lots more air roots showed up. Still way way too narrow at the base and you can tell it wants to fall over and live it’s life as a log…

My favorites are the Peruvianus both Kohres and Icaros / Ikaros types which are developing similarly. Nice and fat compared to most of the other Trichs and think they have the best chance of putting out flowers and seeds eventually. Could be years down the road though.

The smaller Peruvianus cuttings put out some dark green pups and are looking nice and healthy. Have no idea why some Trichs grow pale and others have that healthy dark green color that I’ve been dreaming about… Has to be some combination of soil, water, temperature, sun exposure, pot size, nutrients, and who knows what else.

Y’all come back now.


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