Cacti for sale

Cereus peruvianus – also called C. repandus, Peruvian Apple Cactus, club cactus, hedge cactus, and dozens of other names. Easy to grow and tolerant. Will survive mild freeze but must be taken inside in the winter here in NJ. Huge white fragrant flowers- if you can pollinate them with pollen from another cactus will give you edible sweet red fruit and seeds.

$10.00 for unrooted cuttings usually 6-8″. $25.00+ for larger rooted plants usually 15-24″. Use the “Contact Us” form to inquire about purchase, include your zip code for ship costs.

Trichocereus or Echinopsis – currently growing several varieties of pachanoi, bridgesii (lageniformis), peruvianus, and macrogonus all from cuttings that were taken from seed grown cacti. Seeds came from reputable German greenhouse Koehres. Also have cuttings of seed grown Icaro DNA Peruvianus, a hybrid Pachanoi with longer spines, and cuttings from a spineless Pachanoi variety “Arizona” or AZ.

When available should be $15 and up for small rooted cuttings shipped dry root usually 3-6″.  $7 and up for small unrooted cuttings or pups.

$20+ for larger cuttings.

If you want a variety of cacti send me your wish list along with zip code and I will quote you a discounted price.

Cylindropuntia imbricata – also called Cholla cactus, cane cactus, walking stick cactus, tree cactus, and by many other names. Fast growing, very hardy, and can take a lot of watering without negative effects. $6.00 for rooted cuttings usually around 6-12″

Mammillaria Gracilis Fragilis – small white prolific spreading cactus. $6.00 for a “bunch” like what is shown in photos. These are easy to grow and put out tons of little pups which will easily detach from the main part and root on their own. For the most part don’t have sharp spines but when they get larger will put out a few longer ones as well as small flowers. No seeds yet but hoping will get some soon, may need to be pollinated by separate plant.

Pereskiopsis Spathulata – commonly called Peres. Generally used as a grafting cactus to speed up the growth of seedlings. Extremely tolerant, can take a lot of abuse, a lot of water, and a lot of fertilizer (for a cactus). I have read about people growing this hydroponically as well.  $4.00 for a single well rooted cutting or $6.00 for three unrooted cuttings.

Cereus Forbesii Monstrose – Easy to grow and puts out roots quickly. Starts as a clump then rapidly puts out new sections of all kinds of weird shapes.

$10 for small rooted starter cacti shipped bare root. Smaller and larger ones available, email me with your requests.